Demos' Baked Chicken & Rice Soup

The Baked Chicken Soup you’ve come to love from Demos’ Restaurants is now available wherever you live across the country. Savor the taste of home with this baked chicken and rice medley mixed with a hint of lemon and parsley.



First, we freeze our soup so it is fresh frozen; then we pack it in specially insulated packaging that keeps food safe and delicious. We ship it and it arrives ready to heat, eat and enjoy.

To heat the product, we recommend that you heat the soup on the stove till it begins to boil

Due to the perishability of our product, we only ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday within the Continental U.S.

If orders are received after 2:45 EST, they will be shipped on the next "shipping" day. This assures delivery prior to the weekend.


Shipping claims and exceptions:

We will do everything possible to re-route orders for timely delivery but cannot be responsible for a damaged or compromised product due to the following:

  1. Delayed deliveries due to weather
  2. Incorrect addresses or delivery
  3. Unopened shipments (all boxes are clearly marked "Perishable")
  4. Gift shipments sent to recipients who are out of town or otherwise unavailable to receive their shipment. Please notify the recipient of the pending arrival of perishables!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Incredible soup!

I sent soup to my brother in Texas after he visited me in TN. He loved your soup and had it 3 times during his visit! He loved his surprise soup and enjoyed it with my sister from OK!

Soup for my granddaughter

I ordered the favorite soup for my granddaughter who had been sick for a few days. It arrived fully frozen two days later. Bailey got over the crud and loved receiving her favorite soup.

Shipping soup to Montana

I am so excited to say that the soup we shipped to our son in Montana was still frozen when it was delivered. He was so excited to get a taste of home. Thank you so much!

Demo's Best on Tennessee

I ordered a full gallon on Demo's famous Chicken and Rice soup. It came quickly within 2 days extremely well packaged and thoroughly insulated to maintain the freshness and frozen state of the soup. The cooking instructions were well written and easily understood. It tasted as good as in the restaurant, just not with the smile of their friendly staff. Much cheaper than driving 3.5 hours to Nashville and I will be ordering again. Thanks for this service.

Best soup ever

I love chicken soup. This is the best I have ever tasted. I am planning on giving some for Xmas presents this year