Do you ship year-round? 

Yes, we do ship year-round and only ship Perishables on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Holiday and courier hours may affect shipping days.

What days do you ship? 

Non-perishable items are shipped on business days, and perishable items are only shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Holidays and courier hours may affect these shipping days.

How do I prepare my frozen meal?

Please visit our Perishables Preparation page HERE

Is your food gluten free?

Below is a list of our gluten-free items:

  • Jim’s Famous Spinach
  • Spaghetti Meal Kit
  • Cajun Seasoning
  • The Seasoning Salt
  • PDK Fry Batter Seasoning

How do you receive coupon codes?

Please subscribe to our Newsletter to receive future coupon codes on special holidays or when we are feeling a little generous.

Is the container microwave safe? 

Yes, our 32oz and 64oz containers are microwavable. However, for best results pour contents into your microwavable serving dish. 

Do you ship perishables in the Summer? 

During the Summer months the heat can get extreme, but we still make sure you can still have your Demos Brands favorites delivered straight to your doorstep. Ground shipping will not be available during this time to make sure frozen perishables arrive in safe conditions.

What if my item arrives damaged?

We are terribly sorry to hear this. Please contact our support team at office@demosrestaurants.com with your 4-digit order number, details of damage, and photos of damage.

We will work to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

What is Demos Family Kitchen? 

Demos Family Kitchen ships all our Demos Brands favorites nationwide. Brining items from our local eateries— Demos’ Restaurants and PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry straight to your doorstep. These items range from Soup, Meal kits, pantry items, apparel, and more!

Visit our About Us page to hear more!

How do you join the Once-A-Month Soup Club?

Demos Family Kitchen will have a “Once-A-Month Soup Club” soon. Please subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to sign up when club launches.

Do you sell the 12oz. bottles of seasoning?

We currently do not sell our 12 oz. seasonings. The 12 oz are only sold in-store at our Demos’ Restaurants and PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry locations.

Who should I send "The" Soup to?

  • Someone who is feeling sick.
  • College students who are “homesick.”
  • Athletes for those chilly away games.
  • Someone who has moved away from their favorite Demos’ and misses our Famous Soup.
  • Someone who has moved into a new home.
  • A Christmas Gift.
  • An employee who is out sick.
  • Someone who you want to show how much you love them.
  • Someone you miss. 

Do you offer guaranteed shipping?

As of now, UPS no longer provides refunds for perishable items. Given that our perishable products are shipped frozen in a Styrofoam container, we understand that during storage in transit from UPS, the product may be compromised. As a result, we can only offer guarantees on items shipped through our one-day delivery option.

What is your return policy?

Because our items are perishable, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. All items are final sale.